Wednesday, July 8

Wedding Wednesday - The Proposal!

First edition of Wedding Wednesday! I’m going to go back over the past 11 months of wedding planning and postdate my blogs. Maybe someone will find this useful one day! So here is where it all begins!
LP sent me an email asking if he could pick up the kids from the Nanny we hired for the last few weeks of summer. Being that he was going to be in that part of town already for an eye appointment and we had “Meet the Teacher Night” for the kids’ school that night, close to my office, I figured “Why Not?” It saves me time and makes perfect sense. He suggested we meet in City Park (all normal to let the kids burn some energy). So I drove to City Park Avenue and pulled over about a block past Ralph’s On the Park towards Carrollton. I was on the phone with my step-mom discussing my dad’s cancer diagnosis when I saw LP’s truck pass. I finished my conversation and pulled behind him and followed him (not knowing I was “ruining” the surprise…but really that’s so me anyway).  I let him know that I was behind him and followed him to a parking spot not too far from NOMA.
The kids get out of LP’s truck and start running around playing. AD kept asking “Why are we here?”  I didn’t know, I assumed to kill time. Then LP started looking very ill.  I asked him why he looked sick and he said, “I’m nervous.” I was thinking it was some work deal (he had been super busy with work).
I then turned around to check on the kids to make sure they weren’t running over cyclists, and turned back around and the most amazing man was on one knee with a stunning ring…in fact, unbeknownst to LP, the very same design that I had “pinned” as my favorite. After his sweet, thoughtful, sentimental words, he asked me to marry him. I was not even able to speak at that moment and was only nodding my head up and down when he said, “Does that mean yes?” Well of course, it did and here we are now. We couldn’t be happier and more excited to live life together.

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