Wednesday, July 15

Wedding Wednesday - Telling our Families

After LP proposed, we had to sit through about two hours of Meet the Teacher night for my then 5th grader.

Let me tell you...that was not an easy thing to do, but it did give us time where only the two of us (and the three kids) knew about this amazing, life changing surprise. We relished in that and kept exchanging loving & knowing glances all night.

When got got home, we set to calling our families and closest friends to let them in on the good news.

Of course everyone was very excited & thrilled. Everyone wanted to see The Ring. 11 months later, I still cannot believe he designed the perfect ring. It is so beautiful!

I was on cloud nine for about a month. Well, I'm still on cloud 9, but that first month of our engagement I was just so excited and amazed that I was going to spend forever with my Mr. Right! 

I'll admit, I walked around for a month feeling like a princess and the world was mine for the taking!

We let the engagement sink in for a little before we really started planning.

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