Sunday, July 5

I'm back!

Here's a little update/background info :-)
I’m a 31 year old mother to three wonderful kids. I work full time as a paralegal at a personal injury law firm in New Orleans. I have two dogs and a turtle. i am engaged to be married to the most amazing, supportive man I have ever met.
The past eleven years of my life have been the most difficult, wonderful, self-defining and testing times ever! I was married from 2004 – 2012…probably, no, definitely, the most trying times in my short life so far. I was blessed with three children from that marriage Kk (10), Ad (7) & Abi (4). Their father and I were separated sometime in 2011 and heading full steam to divorce, when he was in a fatal motorcycle accident in February 2012.
On the same night of my first date with my fiancé, LP.
He’s been my rock ever since.
We have been engaged since August 2014 and have been spending the past 11 months working, parenting, loving life and planning a wedding. It’s a busy and full life.
Stay tuned for posts on how wedding planning has been going thus far!

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