Sunday, September 20

Scheduling Conflicts

Any of you wait until your kids are sleeping to get certain things done?

I certainly do.

Any of you who do wait until that magical time ever find that you are then just too tired to do those things?

Yep, me too.

Right now, I want to listen to/watch a video on "Crazy Love." The book I'm reading with the Bloom Book Club (see button on my sidebar). However, my kids just won't let me :-) Even though I have banished them outside, they keep coming in for questions, snacks, drinks, etc.

Is this one of those times that I sacrifice my own doings to accommodate my kids?

Guess so, since I paused the video.

Ah well, I'm sure I'll get around to it later this evening.

You know, after they are in bed. And I'm not distracted. You know....that time I'm supposed to be getting in bed.


Then, I will take care of me ;-) (I hope)
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