Sunday, September 20

Sounds Like Life to Me

I just have not been feeling well today. I went to sleep at a decent time, before 11 I'm sure, and slept fairly well for most of the night. Aidan actually stayed in his bed from about 730/8 until 5 AM. WOW! Then when he came in my room at 5, he did not want to go back to sleep :-( He just had a difficult time settling back down and that caused Kaitlyn to also wake up. I was trying to get him to sleep back in his bed, but it wasn't working, so I just brought him back into bed with me. Buggs finally feel back asleep probably around 6 and we got up again around 8 or 830. I then got one of the worst headaches I've ever experienced. Not sure why...I took some medicine and a bath and it seemed to work for a little. However, it is back now :-( I took some of Kaitlyn's FLU medicine, so I don't want to take headache meds and over medicate. UGH, I just hate feeling like this. I will definitely be going to bed early tonight.

Work is going swimmingly! I really, really like my job. It is pretty easy right nAlign Centerow, but at the same time I am learning a lot. While filing/scanning documents, I am able to read them and learn about the different type of legal documents, pleadings, discovery, etc. I've also had the opportunity to draft & send some letters. I've been told a few times that I am doing great, and my boss even requested for me to get a work email address. It is only three of us in the office and I love that. I don't feel pressured by a lot of people to do a lot of things and if I don't' get something, I feel very comfortable asking for help....after I try to figure it out on my own. Most of the time I'm right, but I like to get reassurance since I'm still new.

The kids are doing great also. Kaitlyn really likes her new school. I miss her old school, but I do like this one. Aidan is finally adjusting to his family day care. I love that he's with a small group and it is in a home. I originally wanted him in a center, but I think this is working out better for him. He really craves individual attention at times.

I'd like to post more about my job and a few other things, but this headache is killer. Just wanted to get a little update out there.

Still reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "Crazy Love." I highly recommend both.
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