Monday, September 28

Couch to 5k

Soo....I just got done doing my morning run. I'm doing the Couch to 5k program. I started it on the 24th and didn't get around to doing the second day until today....I'm hoping to stick with this.

To document for my reference: Ran/Brisk walking intervals for 30 minutes. Abs for 2 minutes. For abs I do two different types of crunches....18 reps, 2 sets of that's 72 crunches....I decided with the 18 number because of the total number of months I was pregnant with Kaitlyn & Aidan....who I have to thank for my not as tight as it used to be tummy, lol.

Anywya, I'll probably start a running/workout blog...maybe not....who knows.

Now off to eat breakfast & read my Bible.

Oh and I'm planning on doing the Savannah Bride Run Dec 5th, so that gives me something to work towards.

I'm beat!

siggy blogger sophie

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Cortney said...

Great job girl!! I started running about 1 month ago, when I started it took me 13 minutes to run a mile, now I can do it in about 8, it feels so great!!! I am planning on running a 5k Reindeer run in Charleston December 5th!


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