Tuesday, April 7

The Good Book

Matt & I have begun reading the Bible together. It is a big step for him (I think) since he's not really into organized religion. He has his own beliefs. This has not become a problem for us. Part of the reason, I believe, is that I am so new into Christianity and learning about it. I have my beliefs and they lie within Christian beliefs. I am constantly struggling to learn and delve into my faith. I'm not going to say this is a new faith for me, I've always believed and had the urge to know more and be more involved. I am just now getting to that point.

I was not raised in a religious house at all. It was never in any way discouraged, it just was not at the top of the list. Not sure why. My mom was a single mother for a while, and so maybe there just wasn't enough time, I don't know. It doesn't really matter to me either. What matters to me is that I now know how I want to live my life. What matters is that I am taking the steps to live my life in a more Christian like way. I'm still working on it, but aren't we all. My work in learning about and loving Christ will never be complete.

For now, I'm starting to read the Bible and other books that I feel can minister to me and help me get it.

I'm very happy that Matt is, enthusiastically I might add, reading along with me. I really think it will help him live a better life (not that he's a bad guy, you know what I mean) and us have a better marriage.

We each picked up a Ranger Bible from the marriage retreat a few weekends back. It's a small, camo colored Bible, and I think that partly lead to Matt picking it up! Whatever works, right!? A few days ago I also went and bought The One Year Bible, thinking it would be easier for us to read it. Matt is planning on sticking to reading his RGR Bible, and hopefully finishing it while on some buisiness trips throughout the year. I'm still deciding wheter to start my One Year Bible at today's date or at January 1st. I'm leaning more towards today's date for the simple fact that I'll be able to remember where I'm at. I can always go back and read more if I'm confused.

So I'm excited. I have no idea what it will do for us as a couple or for us individually, but I'm hopeful for good things! Reading God's word can only be good for us!


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Stacy Martinez said...

You'll love the One Year Bible. It's really good and makes reading the Bible easier. We have a ton on Bibles, books, studies, and journals over here if you would ever like to borrow one. You should come to Savannah Christian this weekend.


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