Wednesday, April 1

What's For Dinner Wednesday?

I love to cook, but I love to cook easy things. Especially on days when I have a million things to do and no help to do them! Like today! Matt is in Vegas on business, I have to get together some Easter Party goodies for Peanut (Kaitlyn's) school party, I have finish ALL the laundry (my 1st step in becoming organized. Simple stuff I tell ya'!), and finish writing Matt's English paper on military deployments (what a sweet wife, I know!).

So What's for Dinner?

Italian-Style Chicken & Rice w/ Veggies!

I love I can't even begin to count how many times I've used this website in the nearly 5 years I've been married. At first, I followed the recipie to the tee, but now I add my own flair (as long as the recipie allows for simple variations).

I am by no means a gourmet chef, but I cook with love (most of the time), cause I love to cook!


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