Wednesday, February 9

What's Cookin'?

Tonight for dinner we are having a healthy version of fried chicken strips.  I googled some recipes, but with a crying baby who needed to be nursed and already being short on time, I just glanced over a few and threw my own recipe together.

1-2 lbs chicken tenderloins
1/4c flour
1/2 sleeve crushed Ritz
sea salt & pepper to taste
2 medium eggs
Cooking spray

Preheat oven to 350. (Next time I’ll preheat to 400).

What I should have done was whip the eggs in one bowl and mix the dry ingredients in another.  I'll blame the baby for my distraction, but I mixed the eggs, flour and salt & pepper together and dipped the chicken in and then covered the tenderloins with crushed Ritz.

Bake about 15-30 minutes J

Next time I’ll dip in the whipped egg, then dip in the dry mixture and then bake the chicken.

They don’t taste too bad.   But I guess the ultimate verdict will come in a little bit when I sever them for dinner. I think my modifications for next time will produce much tastier chicken.

Along with the chicken, we are having rice with mixed veggies from those Bird’s Eye steam-able bags.

What are you eating?

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