Friday, October 15


Thank goodness it's Friday.  I'm not sure how much more I can give this week.  I'm in need of a weekend and I'm so ready for it.  Apparently, according to the wonderful (not really) VA, my husband is experiencing Couvade Syndrome, aka Pregnancy Sympathy symptoms.  Since the beginning of September he's been having morning nausea.  He finally decided to do something about it, after also suffering with a sinus infection for the past two weeks.  So Monday he played hooky from school and got "checked out."  As I said above, the VA decided that he has been ingesting my pregnancy pheromones/hormones and that is causing his morning they gave him 12 nausea pills and some meds for his self-diagnosed sinus infection.  They didn't even check him out for any of this.  And of course he had to wait there for hours.

Anyway, this post is about my frustrations, not his...

So since he's obviously suffering with his pregnancy symptoms (btw, my morning sickness ended about 4 months ago), I've been left to deal with the morning routine.  Alone. 

Book bags.
Making lunch.
Brushing teeth & hair.
Making sure we get out the door on time.


And quite frankly, I'm done.  I'm spent.  I'm tired.  

This morning did not go smoothly quite simply because the kids did not settle down to sleep on time last night.  Which was my fault, yes I do take blame sometimes ;-)

My wonderful husband better hope he's over this sinus infection, pregnancy issue soon, because I'm not sure how many more mornings I can handle like this on my own.

I'm sure he'll shape up soon.  I mean, I got over my morning sickness just fine.  And I do hope that it is just sympathy symptoms and nothing more serious.

It's Friday so that is a plus.  Life is already looking up :-)

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