Friday, October 15

Baby Update

My last check up was last Tuesday and as with every other, things are going great.  I cannot complain about anything...well, other than the usual pregnancy discomforts.

My weight was on target, Abby's heartbeat was in the 140s, and like with each of my other term pregnancies, I have been measuring perfectly.  

I do not have Gestational Diabetes, YAY!!  For once, I was actually concerned.  I think it's because I ate terribly the night before the test.  

I AM anemic.  No big surprise there, and I picked up my iron supplements yesterday.  I figured as much since I have been incredibly exhausted lately and having no focus and headaches everyday.

So soon I should begin to feel better.  Woo-hoo!  

Also, Sunday marks 30 weeks! WOW!!  It seems like 10 weeks will go by in  a flash, but it also seems like forever away.  

I hope they don't pass to quickly seeing as we have NOTHING for Abigail's arrival expect for a few outfits.

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