Saturday, January 30

Break from Life


It's been a really long time since I've posted. A LOT has been going on. My husband returned from overseas, yippee! And after that it was pretty much a whirl-wind of getting packed up and ready to move. We moved me and the kids last weekend back home to New Orleans and he's going to follow later in February.

I'm starting a new job Feb. 1st and that is exciting and scary. I still haven't found child care, but I'm sure something will work out. I'm still working on unpacking, putting things away and getting rid of excess.

We are able to stay in an apartment that my mom & step-dad have and it's rent free. That is AWESOME! We just are paying for utilities. And since the house is already wireless, our internet is also free. SWEET!

Once everything is settled (as if that ever happens right?!) I want to find a church. There is one close by that I'm interested in, but I'm sooo not good at putting myself out there.

I'm going to get the new book "Same Kind of Different As Me" with the Bloom Book Club. I need to order it or go get it from the bookstore and start reading it.

I still have a ton of clothes to put away. I strongly dislike moving.

Hopefully the next move we make will be when we buy our own house. What a wonderful day that will be!!

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