Wednesday, June 17

Check This Out

Time to stock up on clothes for your children. Children's Place is holding their Monster Sale, Summer clothes are up to 80% off and they have a huge selection left. Boy's hoodies start at $7.99, boy's t-shirts start at $1.99, boy's shorts start at $4.99, and boy's sunglasses are $1.99. Girl's t-shirts start at $1.99, girl's skirts start at $4.99, girl's dresses start at $5.99 and girl's sunglases are $1.99. These prices are all before the additional 10% off.

In addition to the sale prices on Children's Place, use promo code 'NEXTJ78' for a additional 10% off, making total discounts up to 90% off for kids clothes.

Shipping is a flat $5.

This is a great chance to buy ahead for the upcoming seasons. If the deals are good enough, and you have the space to store it, consider buying two seasons ahead. If your child isn't able to wear the clothes, give them to a friend or donate them to charity.

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