Tuesday, May 19

Where Does the Time Go?

Wow, so life has been crazy this past weekend.  

Friday night we babysat for some friends.  That was fun for Kaitlyn.  She got to have her friend *A* over and they played and had fun!  The girls got into some finger paints (not sure how) and decided to create a mural on the closet wall.  Not cool!  At least I can just paint over it, so it's not that big of a deal.  I felt bad when Kaitlyn told Matt not to tell *A's* dad "cause he spanks her really hard."  It really just broke my heart.  I suppose each family deals with discipline in their own way, but for Kaitlyn to have an understanding about it, I don't know, I just feel bad.  I know it's not an abusive family.  That's about all for Friday.

Saturday we had a Rockstar Party for one of Kaitlyn's friend's.  The kids had a blast rockin' out!  Aidan had his first taste of Twizzlers and it was love.  I let him indulge in a few too many, but hey it was a birthday party!  After the party we headed home to pick up Daddy and make a run to Sam's Club.  We stocked up on ground beef, steaks, roasts & chicken.  We like to buy our meat in bulk so we can make two week menu plans.  Anyway, I digress, Saturday ended with just some hanging out at home and relaxin.  

Then Sunday, the fun begins!!  Well, no, not really fun.  We all woke up about the same time, and in the same bed of course...all was good.  Aidan had a diaper change and K was laying at the foot of the bed.  Then she, just laying there, begins throwing up!  YAY!  NOT!  Anyway, this continued for the better part of the day.  She napped around 10 am & I was beginning to not feel well.  My wonderful husband, took Aidan & went grocery shopping. By the time he got home, K was feeling much, much better.  She had about a 12 hr stomach bug.  When he got home, Aidan was napping.  That did not last long, and he woke up throwing up.  Poor baby.  It was so hard for him since he didn't really know what was going on.  He just cried & cried while throwing up :-(  Meanwhile,  I was spending a bit of time with the stomach bug.  Aidan finally finished throwing up around 5 am, and felt much better yesterday.  I still had some lingering nausea yesterday and hardly ate anything.  I feel much better today.

Last night, Matt decided it would be fun for him to get the stomach bug!  Yay!  He got some meds from sick call and has been sleeping since about 11am.  He hasn't thrown up since early this morning, and I'm hoping it continues to stay that way.  All of this sick is no fun!

I'm still a bit tired and not really hungry.  I've been taking today easy, but i really feel much, much better.  Of course, you would have never known the kids were ever sick!

This week is going to be busy. Today K had preschool, tomorrow is End of the School Year Performance practice as is Thursday.  Thursday evening is the actual performance and Friday we head up to the Rockies Smokey Mountains (duh, Thanks Stacy!) for some family camping!!  So exciting!!

I need to find my memory card for my camera to capture these upcoming events.


Stacy said...

Are you guys flying out to the Rockies or did you mean the Appalachian mtns? Hope you find your memory card!

Noele Marie said...

Hah! My bad, I meant the Smokey Mountains! I hope so too!

Stacy said...

Man! If you guys were heading out west, I was planning on hitching a ride in the luggage. :)

Tina said...

Don't you just hate when the stomach bug hits the whole family like that!

Camping in th Smokey Mountains...can't wait to see the pictures. We are a camping family and love it!

Cortney said...

Where are you going in the Smokey Mtns! I love the mountains, went to college in the mountains and sometimes think it would be a good idea to be a hermit in the mountains!


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