Sunday, May 17


I took a few day computer break.  I'm slowly coming back.  Trying to get a post together, but I'm pretty sure Kaitlyn has a stomach bug, yuck....  I finally got my computer back from after 1 month & 2 days @ Best Buy.  Yay!  I've been using Matt's, but I'm so happy to have mine back.  It feels like a brand new computer.  I has a new hard-drive and was completely updated and restored.  I lost a few pictures.  I tried to save them but the computer crashed pretty much as soon as I uploaded them :-(  Oh well.


Tina said...


I like your new look....I'm getting a makeover for my mother's day gift by Drama Mama but she has a few in front of me...I can't wait!

Did you do yours yourself?

Noele Marie said...

Thanks Tina!

I found the layout, header & buttons from Shabby Chic. Their button is in my right sidebar. I customized my header, but that's all I did.

I can't wait to see your new layout! I'd love to get a personalized layout, not sure what I'd choose though.

Noele Marie said...

Sorry, that's Shabby Blogs! Not Shabby Chic!


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