Wednesday, April 15

Picture Editing

I really want to get into editing my photographs but with out spending a lot of money on software. I'd like something easy, as I'm not a professional photographer. I just want something that I can enhance my photos with.

Any ideas? I heard photoshop elements is a great program, but I'm not looking to spend that yet. Maybe in a few months...but not now. I'd ideally like a FREE program, lol.



Stacy Martinez said...

Check out Then click on downloads. They have 30 day downloads for some of their editing programs. I use Photoshop Elements 7 for scrapbooking stuff because it is easier than those expensive ones-Lightroom or CS4, which I use, but it's time consuming. You can get PSE7 at BestBuy for 80 or less sometimes. But use the trials for now.

Anonymous said...

i have a copy of adobe photoshop cs if you want it. its the full deal, you just cant register it. hahahaha. its real professional grade stuff but youll prolly wanna get a book on it or hav someone show you how to use it. if you want it lemme know and i'll have my roomies dig it up. its gary, btw


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