Wednesday, April 22

Lack of Sleep, Plenty of Sick


Our life has been a bit crazed lately. Three of four of us are sick (me and the kids). Matt has a reverse schedule at work (working nights, sleeping ALL day). Preschool, soccer, doctor's appointments....and still trying to keep the house somewhat in order. I've hardly had time to relax, though this illness (flu or severe cold) has forced me to slow down a bit. But really, how much downtime can I really get with a 4 year old and a 16 month old. Ha!

Aidan has not been sleeping well at all. I took him in to the Dr. on Monday for a rash that won't go away on his boy parts. I already knew just what it was, I just need a Rx for the cream. Dr. confirmed what I knew was (is) a yeast rash. Poor guy. Well, it doesn't bother him at all, thankfully. So I got the cream, some Boudreaux's Butt Paste (All Natural) for every other diaper change and some new green diapers. I've always wanted to cloth diaper, and I did for a bit when Aidan was younger. It just didn't stick. I went out of town, he out grew the diapers....whole list of excuses....well I'd still like to, but ya know....Anyway, I found Nature Babycare Diapers at Target and LOVE them. Within one diaper change (with diaper cream not Rx cream) he was already less red. And I had been applying tons of cream/Vaseline with his other (Target Brand) diapers. I think the lack of chemicals in these natural diapers are helping his rash heal more quickly. It's only been 2.5 days and it's clearing up nicely.

Another bonus to these dipes is that they are Eco Friendly!! How cool is that?! I love knowing that I'm not contributing more diapers to the landfills. They are more expensive, but if they keep my baby's bottom healthy and my kid's world cleaner, how can I put a price on that? At the very least, I'm going to alternate between these diapers and others, but hopefully I can just stick to these.

Anyway, back to Aidan's less than favorable sleeping patterns. He's been waking up a lot at night and is not wanting to be soothed back to sleep by anything other than nursing. And honestly, I'm spent. I've nursed him for 16+ months and I'm ready to end this lovely relationship. I KNOW I'll miss it and I'm sure he will as well, but it's really affecting my sleep. Since he is sick right now (congested, fluid in his ears, cough), I'm not going to wean him just yet. I'm waiting until he's well. I'm planning in the next week or two to begin and also transtion him into his crib (again). While he has been sick we've scrapped the trying to get him to sleep all night in his own bed. We'll put him down for the night in it, and when he wake (and he always does) it's into the bed with us. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't want to be attached to me ALL night. So that's on the agenda for Bugga's life.

This cold/flu whatever it is that I have is horrible. It's been around since Thursday. I was feeling SOO much better on Monday, but then Aidan had some bad sleep Monday night and the sick got to me again and I'm back to feeling like crud. So weird, I know.

Kaitlyn has not been well either. She is better than I am though. She really only has a slight cough at night and a runny nose. I swear, since starting school she has been sick so many times. She was NEVER sick as a baby. She got her first ear infection when she was 2.5, just a month or two after starting preschool. Aidan has already had 3 or 4 ear infections and if this fluid in his ear turns into one (please pray it does not), we'll be reffered out to an ENT.
I've been giving them vitamins and cooking healthy foods. I'm about to make a menu for dinner for the rest of the week and next week. I'm also going to look up immune boosting foods. Any suggestions?

I still have so much I'd like to write about. I want to talk about Kaitlyn's two soccer practices (AWESOME!) and Easter (Matt planned & executed an egg/scavenger hunt all on his own).

But I've got to figure out what's for dinner and make it fast. Ugh, so do not want to fix food right now....


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Stacy Martinez said...

Oh no. Hope everyone gets well fast. Let me know how those Natural diapers work. I seen them the other day. I might try them with this one. Also, Babies R Us has these all natural bags to dispose of diapers in. Won't harm the landfills. I think like 75 for $5 and they are large.


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