Monday, March 2


I can't believe I didn't update at all during February. We had a lot going on over here in our home. Daddy came home late January. We went to New Orleans to visit family for two weeks in February and have just settled in back home. We have been just hanging out around the house enjoying family time.

We are preparing for K's birthday this month, though we are not doing her party until April. We also have a ball, St. Patrick's Day & a few other events that will eat up March.

I am really looking forward to St. Patrick's Day. Matt will be marching in the parade, and we will be watching it for the first time since we've lived here. I'm not so sure how I'm going to handle it with two small kids on my own! I'll have to fine a friend to go with so it's a bit easier on all parties.

I am also super excited about the ball. This will be our last one here :-( Then it's on to a new life. I am also excited about my dress.

It is so pretty and it is supposed to arrive today! I just hope that it fits!!

We went to the zoo while in New Olreans. Audubon Zoo is a wonderful zoo. We managed to see nearly every exhibit while we were there. We usually end up missing half of the zoo, but not this time. The kids LOVED it and I'm so glad we went.

I also want to update on the Circus, Aidan's First Haircut & more on the zoo. Fun!

Noele Marie


Stacy Martinez said...

That dress is SMOKIN'!! K looks so young in the first photo. How was New Orleans?

MamaBear said...

That dress is to die for! LOVE that waistline!

Had to stop by and say hi and thanks for following along on my blog - it looks like we follow some of the same blogs. It's always fun to get to know the other commenters I see around blogland.


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