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AGH, I just made a whole post on the book/movie and it got deleted!

Anyway, I am obsessed. I bought the book from SAM'S a few days before Christmas for about $4 thinking that even if I didn't like it, it wouldn't be a big waste. I had not heard of the book, or the author (Stephenie Meyer), before the movie came out. I was not expecting to fall in love with everything about the book. I was not expecting to be completely absorbed with teh book that my life revolved around it for a few days.

Seriously. When driving to MS to visit my dad & family for NYE, all I wanted to do was pull over and read on the side of the road. I even dreamed about characters in the book. Crazy, I know!

As soon as I was finished reading "Twilight," I HAD to see the movie and I was eager to read the rest of the series (a total of 4 books). My SIL is also OBSSSED and bought the 2nd & 3rd books on CD. She has also seen the movie. When the kids & I went to hang out at her place for a night before I was going to head home, she loaned me "New Moon" & "Eclipse" (2nd & 3rd books, respectively)! I was super excited, especially since I had a 10-12 hr drive home in 2 days. We also decided to go see the movie after we got the kids to sleep (MIL watched them).

I LOVED IT! I LOVE IT! Of course no movie ever really measures up the book. And this was no exception. There were things here and there that were left out or altered, and to be honest, if I hadn't just finished the book, I probably wouldn't have noticed. I get that it is impossible to include every single detail and still have a movie that is 2 hours long. I was very pleased with all aspects of the movie. The set, the actors, the script....I could go on!! In fact, I want to see it again. And again. And again. And buy the DVD and watch it again...and again...well you get the picture!

I started "New Moon" when I left my SILs house and listened to it on the way home. It took me the drive home and another day to finish the book. Loved it! I wasn't as absorbed, but I"m not sure if it was the book itself, or the fact that I was just listening to it and not reading it myself. Stll, I can't wait to see the moive and I'll probably buy the book and read it (again).

Now I'm about 1/2 way through "Eclipse" and it is also provoking dreams about the characters (mostly Edward & Bella). I'm eager to purchase this book and will read it also. Betsey is supposed to send me the last disc of "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" when she's finished, but honestly, I'll probably just buy them.
It takes her a bit to send things, and she's pretty busy at the moment (more on that later).

It has been so long since I have become so wraped in a book and it's amazing! I really look forward to reading more of Stephenie Meyer's books and to seeing the rest of the movies!

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