Tuesday, January 13


Last week, we lost a fellow Ranger. Since we have been here with the RGR battalion, this has been our only war-related casualty. Neither Matt, nor I knew him, but it still hits very close to home. He was unmarried, and from what I have heard from friends who knew him, a great, fun, happy guy.

His funeral is Thursday, also my birthday (which is now insignificant). Unfortunately, there is a church in Daytona (where his funeral will be), Westboro Baptist Church that will be PROTESTING his funeral.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Protesting a SOLDIER'S funeral, WTF people, I mean really?!

This is what was posted by a friend...

"I have just discovered that the hate mongers from Westboro Baptist Church are going to be protesting the funeral of Anthony Davis. These are the disgusting people that have been seen on the news, nation wide, protesting the funerals of soldiers. They hold signs that say "God hates Fags" "God hates America" and "You will burn in Hell". They stand outside the funeral home and along the road to the cemetery so that all the mourners can see them. We need all need to band together and act as a barrier so that Davis's family does not see this trash. Please re post this bulletin and contact anyone you can contact who may be able to go to Daytona, FL on Jan 15."

Davis was not a homosexual (not that that would matter anyway), this church is protesting his funeral since he was a soldier. The website for this Church is absolutely horrible, and I am outraged, and shocked to find such a community filled with ungrateful creeps who are protesting the funeral of the very person who fought hard, and gave the ultimate sacrifice to give them the right to protest. Disgusting. And it so very sad.

His family and friends will be in my prayers throughout the week.

Rest In Peace SSG Davis, you died for a noble cause and will not be forgotten.


Stacy Martinez said...

WBC is actually located in Kansas. They travel the world protesting practically everything or praising tragic events. They are a primitive baptist group with Calvinist morals. They are a little weird. I am going to say goodbye to Anthony tomorrow. I will be taking photos for the guys back here to see. It's sad but it's an honorable way to depart!

Noele Marie said...

Thanks for clearing that up. They are very weird. I'm sorry for you and Armando's loss, I know you guys were close to him.

Travel safe!


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