Monday, December 15

Not Me! Monday

Time for Therapy!

Not Me! Monday

...I most certainly did not laugh (and think of getting the camera out) when Aidan was hanging onto the side of the high chair with his leg still stuck in a strap after climbing out of it. I definitely did not leave him unstrapped in the chair. I wouldn't do that, I'm the perfect mother!

...I did not leave out folded, clean laundry in the living room for days. I was not thinking, "well we're going out of town next week, why put them up only to take them out & pack"

...I absolutely did not let the dogs clean up Aidan's cheerio mess that the made on the ground. I promptly swept up each on & then sanitized the floor! That's what I did.

...I did not let Kaitlyn watch "Charlie Brown's Christmas" about a million times last week just so I could get homework, housework, nursing, you name it and insert it here done. I would never use the TV in that way. Not me!!

...My baby is not going to be ONE tomorrow!! He is still a sweet little baby who is extremely dependent on his Mama.

...Finally, I seriously don't feel better when reading other's Not Me! Monday entries!! It is not fun!!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I let my kids watch Spongebob, so I can't really say anything! Great list!

LucieP said...

oh he is so cute! And he didn't cry with Santa? My baby just turned's so hard to believe!


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