Saturday, November 21

When Will It End??

Since my husband left sometime in August, one of the kids has been sick. It all started with Bugga who developed bronchitis. Then moved onto Peanut who had a persistent cough that just wouldn't go away and got worse at night. Other than the cough, she was OK. No fever, no runny Align Centernose, and only one complaint of a sore throat. However, after 20 days on two different antibiotics, she just wasn't fully recovering like she normally would.
When we went to New Orleans for Halloween, the day after Trick or Treating, she came down with a 104 fever! So I took her into our pediatrician in New Orleans (who is actually my sister's & my old ped.) and she was given yet another antibiotic (her third since Sept 28th) for a newly diagnosed ear infection and we were sent for a chest X-ray since she was STILL coughing. Thankfully, after waiting for 2+ hours, she had the X-ray and everything in her chest looked fine.

That brings us to about now. On Wednesday, I picked Peanut up from school (the culprit of all this I believe....) and she said her ear had hurt a little at school. Since it was too late to make a Dr. apt, I gave her Tylenol and had her rest. Well within a few hours she was screaming and writhing in pain....really like I have NEVER seen her before (my kids have been generally healthy since birth, minus a few colds here & there....and Bug's ear infections....but really generally healthy). I felt terrible since I couldn't really do anything for her. I gave her more Tylenol, a warm compress for her ear, and some numbing drops for the ear I had gotten a bit back from their Dr.

So of course, on Thursday I make a morning appointment to take both kids in to see their Dr. (whom I absolutely ADORE). Peanut's diagnosis was a double ear infection (I figured her left ear was infected, the one she was complaining about...she never said a word about her right ear) and bronchitis. She was prescribed yet another ABX and an inhaler. She is also being referred to an EENT to check out her adenoids (the culprit of all this, her Dr. thinks). Her pediatrician believes that the adenoids may be the problem because she would start to get better on the antibiotics, but after a few days of being off the medicine, her symptoms would flare up again. If that is not the cause, then we will move on to allergy testing. I really do hope that the issue is either her adenoids or allergies, because those seem simple enough to fix. I think.... Remove adenoids....remove allergen (we think to be our kitten). I pray it is nothing more serious. She's feeling better and finally getting some much needed rest.

Bugga wound up with a single ear infection...slightly surprising only because he hadn't been complaining at all about his ears.

Anyway, my babies are on their way to better...I hope. I really hope that Peanut's issue can be figured out and that she can be back to 100% all the time.
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