Thursday, September 10

Mumbo Jumbo

I feel that there is so much to be updated. I also feel like I have so much to do. I'm still adjusting to this part time working mom stuff. It's not bad on the days I get off at 2 or 3 or even 4, but day's like today, where I don't get off until 5....ugh!
Anyway, I do love my job.
Most days when I leave the office, I'm floating on air....until I get stuck in the traffic....blah! Kaitlyn loves her PreK. Aidan's adjusting to day care ;-) I'll hopefully have some more time this weekend to update on each topic with some more detail.
I do love that I'm keeping busy one way or another while Matt is outta town.
I feel like writing more tonight. I could use the catharsis that comes with writing right now, but I have more important things to tend to.
I know... what could be more important than blogging?! Well, my dear listeners.....I mean readers....I have to prepare for tomorrow and I need to read me some Crazy Love (check it out, I love it and I'm only done with the first chapter).
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