Saturday, August 29

So Little Time

I haven't updated in years it seems. So much has been going on lately. We've had two full weekends of visitors this month. Matt & I celebrated five years of marital bliss (for the most part, let's keep it real, lol)! I finally found a PreK for Kaitlyn that I really, really love. I'll have to dedicate a whole blog post to just her starting PreK.

Matt has left. That's sad news. But I've already heard from him a couple of times, so I know that he's reached his destination safely :-) This should be our last go-around, so I'm praying that it goes smoothly (as I always do).

In happier news, I gotta job! My first interview pretty much ever and I landed myself a real job, lol! It is at a Law Office, so it's really a first step towards my career goals (I want to be a Paralegal). It's pretty awesome that I actually was able to get a job with really no prior experience. I haven't worked since I was pregnant with Kaitlyn and I lived in New Orleans. And those jobs were at restaurants.

I'm super excited!! I'm a bit nervous about leaving Aidan because, well he's my baby and he's so attached. I'm hopeful that he'll adjust easily though. It's part time, just 20 hours a week, so that's not bad. In fact, I feel that it's really the ideal job for me. If someone went down my ideal checklist for a job at this point in my life, this one would meet 9/10 checks. The ONLY thing it I wished it paid just a dollar or two more. But really, with no experience, I'll take what I can get. Plus, there is room for growth and with that more pay. So I'm really fine with that.

I've felt so blessed lately and I'm so thankful for all of the greatness that has been going on in my life the past few weeks.

Anyway, my friend asked me to watch her girls tonight, so Kaitlyn is about to have her first sleepover, so I'm going to prepare for that.

Fun! We'll see how I do with a 4 month old, a 20 month old & 2 4 year olds!!


Stacy said...

I can't wait to read the blog on the pre-k. I keep adding Week in Reviews for Connor. When does she start?

Michelle said...

Sorry Matt is gone :( It's not easy at all is it - but every day that goes by is another day to the homecoming! How long will he be gone?

Congrats on the job! Sounds very promising ... I'd like to find a part time job too, that seems the ideal situation right now! hope it goes great for you!


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