Monday, August 3


So, Matt gets out of the Military Spring of next year. Up until now, the plan has been all over the place. Literally...he's contemplated Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana...well I think we finally have a set plan. Though I guess nothing is every truly set. As long as Matt is accepted into SLU or LSU we will be moving to Hammond, La. I have no doubt that he'll get into either school. His grades since he's been in college through the Military have been good.

This is a very happy medium for us. I've been wanting to live close to my family, but he is really against living in New Orleans (crime, expense, etc.). My sister lives in Hammond with her husband and her son. Most of the rest of our family lives in New Orleans. I'm really excited!!


Cortney said...

That's awesome!!! YAY for getting out, I bet it is awesome to see that light at the end of the tunnel!!

S-M said...

WOW. LSU! I will miss you guys. At least we have a few more months.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am glad you have a path in store for you! It sure makes life (somewhat) easier!


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