Thursday, June 25

**Thrifty Thursday**

OK, so I am sure that you, like me, are all about saving money. This economy has been rough on all of us (unless you're a millionaire and if so, send me some money!). I thought it would be cool and helpful to point out some tips each Thursday to help save money. I love looking for the best possible deal on nearly everything I buy and I hope to share some of my good deals with all of you!

First up for **Thrifty Thursday** is This is an awesome website where you can go and shop for essentials, think Toilet Paper, Diapers, Body Wash, Garbage Bags, Dog Food, Batteries, get the idea. You can also have things automatically shipped each month if you choose. They offer free shipping and get this, they find coupons for you and apply them to your checkout cart! How cool is that? Cold it get any easier??

For example, you can get Bounty Paper Towels 8 rolls for $6.57 and Lipton Tea Bags 16 ct for .59!!

They also offer budgeting, advanced planning (what you'll need in the future) and a neighborhood where you can chat with others. It is really worth checking out, and setting up an account is FREE!

You also get $10 off your first order (of $50, I'm pretty sure) if you click on the banner below. So check it out!! And if you have any tips you would like to share, please leave a comment! If the response is nice, I'll start doing a Linky!

And if you have any tips you would like to share, please leave a comment! If the response is nice, I'll start doing a Linky!


Cortney said...

I will share my couponing advice with you this time....

First of all, coupons, coupons, coupons, but DO NOT just buy an item because you had a coupon, by the items that you need based on the coupons you have. For instance we like Classico pasta sauce, but this week at Public Ragu is B1G1 and I had a 60 cent coupon, so I bought Ragu instead. But also remember sometimes you can get other brands/generics cheaper that what you can get another brand with a coupon.

Every week I shop at Publix, but only for the B1G1 items as I find everything else far too expensive. You can also pair 2 coupons with your B1G1 items, since you are buying two. What if you are not going to buy 2 that is fine also 1 will ring up at half price. I always search for coupons on the internet that match the B1G1 items at Publix and go through my own stash of clipped coupons as well. Today I spent $16.50 but saved $22.50!!!

Do not be afraid to beg for coupons! My in-laws send us there coupons every couple of weeks!

Last, sign up for the clubs at Kraft Foods, general mills, etc and you can usually always print coupons. If you like an item google it and you can probably find a coupon. Can't find a coupon but love an item? Write/Email the company and you will most likely get coupons in return, companies love hearing good things about their products!!

Ann Lindholm said...

Thanks for sharing this site Noel, I love it. We definitely need to stick together and help each other out when we hear of ways to save and cut spending. What a great thing you are doing! God bless you and your beautiful family.
Ann Lindholm

Rebecca said...

Thank you for highlighting Alice! We appreciate your kind words :)


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