Monday, June 8

Friend Makin' Mondays- Summertime!

This week's task is to tell us 10 things you love about summer!!!
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1. Spinklers!

2. Cooking & eating outside! 

3. Swimming!!

4. Longer days!

5. My Anniversary! (8-4)

6. Tybee Beach!!

7. July 4th!!

8. Warm Weather!

9. FuN in the SuN!!

10. Popsicles!


Lins said...

Hooray for popsicles and anniversaries! :)

Great list! Happy FMM!

Tina said...

So glad you joined in FMM!

Aren't summers the best!

We love to eat outside....put in an outdoor kitchen and wish I had put a dishwasher and then we would never dirty the kitchen! LOL


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