Tuesday, May 26

Lucy, I'm Home!

We are home from the Great Smoky Mountains!  We got in at about 2am Monday morning.  So Memorial Day was spent unpacking and re-packing for Matt's business trip.  We had a blast camping even though we got rained on.  We are already planning a trip to Gatlinburg because we didn't have time to visit the city.  We can't wait!! 

We didn't have our camera, but used our cell phones, so I'll upload some of those pictures with a detailed update later.  It was nice to be home in our super comfy bed!  

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Tina said...

I'll bet it was beautiful....I can't wait to see the pictures.

We bought a travel trailer last summer and have been enjoying camping again....we always did camping in a pop-up camper when the kids were young and it is actually some of our best family memories!!! The simple life is what I always called it.....


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