Wednesday, May 13

Cloth Diapers

We used Cloth diapes with Bugga when he was little. Unfortunately, I didn't buy big enough ones to last, so when he out grew the ones we had, we stopped. However....we are going back! I can't say how much I heart cloth diapers. They are so much fun, and washing really isn't even that bad. We are going to use prefolds & covers simply because they are cheapest & easiest to care for. We are also going to get a few overnight diapers. I'd love me some GoodMama diapers, but come on, $35 for a single diaper that still needs a cover?! I think my husband would kill me! Maybe for the next baby.

I have a friend who is about 20 weeks pregnant and she's considering CDing! I can't tell you how excitd that makes me! Probably a little too excited :-) I don't have any IRL friends that have CDed (that I know of), so its fun! I even went to bed last night thinking about getting her some CDs for her baby shower! I hope she wants to do it! Yay!

I'm probably going to go with this package. It has enough diapers so I can wash every other day and I'll hopefully get some extra colorful Bummi wraps. I'm so excited! Yay!!


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