Wednesday, May 6

Another Awesome Giveaway

I LOVE babywearing! I didn't know much about it with Kaitlyn and only tried with a baby pouch thing. She HATED it with a passion. Since it could only be used in the pouch position, we never got much use out of it. Oh yeah, we did have a front type carrier, but she didn't like it either and it wasn't very supportive. So I never got to experience the awesomeness of babywearing with her.

A great friend got me a HotSling that I registered for for Aidan's Baby Shower (which she also threw for me). I tried it out with him and it was L*O*V*E! I now have two carriers, a HotSling and another sling.

But these are GORGEOUS! I W*A*N*T! Meeup Baby Carriers come in fun prints and vibrant colors. And even better, they are having a giveaway that ends May 30th. So go check them out!

Meeup Baby Carriers!!

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