Wednesday, April 1

New Name

Hello Readers,

I've changed my blog from "Faith, Hope & Love" to "Life with Peanut & Bugga." I feel it's a better representation of what my blog is all about. I'm hoping to post something new everyday in order to entertain my many readers (LOL) and to gain some more! I'm in the midst of re-vamping my life so that it runs much more smoothly. Not that there are problems with my life, just a few glitches, that can be fixed by becoming *gasp* ORGANIZED!! I suffer deeply with organizational skills and so I am committing whole-heartedly to changing this. I've already began and so far I am appreciateing the effects!!



Stacy Martinez said...

Love it. I am addicted to blogs because of ya!

Cortney said...

So once you figure out how to get more organized please tell Matt to allow you to make a trip here to show me the new found skills!


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