Wednesday, March 11


One of my favorite things about having two kids is watching them interact. Whether it is fighting, playing or ganging up on their parents, the dynamic between siblings is something special.

When Aidan was born he would follow Kaitlyn's voice around the room. He would also calm down whenever he heard her voice. Really, it started from day 1. I remember her coming to the hospital the day he was born and he obviously noticed and KNEW his sissy's voice. I was amazed.

I am still amazed at how they "play" together. Though Aidan isn't quite old enough to engage in playing with Barbies or other games, he tries. It is so cute to watch him follow her around. He will get a toy and just follow her. He'll respond to her commands (I mean requests) some of the time. He'll also fight her for a toy he wants. They so often want the same toy. This boggles me. Why, oh why do you want what your brother has when you have a play room FULL of toys?

Nevermind the fighting & tantrums, I still love watching them interact. I just hope that they will always be close and there for each other.

There really is no bond quite like the sibling bond, and I'm so grateful that I am able to watch Kaitlyn & Aidan's relationship grow.

I am one lucky Mom!


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Stacy Martinez said...

AAWWW. I love reading your blog. I wish Connor had a sibling sometimes. He is such a loner.


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