Tuesday, December 16

Kaitlyn, My Little Princess

With all of the birthday attention on Aidan, Kaitlyn needs some recognition too!

Today was K's last day of preschool until January. They celebrated with a Christmas party. When I walked in, she was sporting a red nose and antlers. Very stylish I think, and very season appropriate. Too bad I forgot to the camera in the diaper bag, which was at a friend's house who was watching the birthday boy.

I'll have her recreate the outfit, because it was just too cute. They had a small lunch & then played for a bit while the Mommies talked.

She received two books (1 from teachers, 1 from a friend), 2 cards, caramel corn, a princess Barbie & some treats. She really racked up at this party :-) She had a blast, and I had a great time watching her interact with her friends. She's so sweet.

For about a month now she has been drawing real pictures. She no longer scribbles. She actually thinks about a picture and draws just that. Yesterday, she drew Grandma & Papa holding hands. When you look at it, you can see 2 people holding hands. She also drew Bruno eating her ponies. Again, you can see that she actually drew this. Whenever she brings me a new picture that she's drawn, it blows my mind. She is so creative and very talented.

A few days ago she drew her & her daddy on a fishing boat. I mentioned that we'd send it to him. She suggested she first add me & the baby. Well, me & the baby were not included in the boat, nope, we were on the shore waving 'Goodbye!'

It did not make me jealous, it made me laugh. And it make me proud and happy that she is so enamored with her Daddy. It just proves how great of a Dad he is :-)

She is my little princess and I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. In less than 4 months, she'll be 4!! Next year, Pre-K & then Kindergarten.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every stage of her life thus far (yes, even the Terrible Twos & the Tantrumy Threes!). She is such a joy to have in my life and makes every day a bit brighter. It is bittersweet to watch my babies grow, but I am thankful for have healthy children who have the opportunity to grow & enjoy life. I look forward to each coming day and stage in both of my kid's lives and I hope I take the time to slow down and cherish each moment with them.

Kaitlyn with her My Little Pony Advent Calendar

Kaitlyn with Daddy's box, it was pretty heavy!

Kay Kay posing with the Santa she made at school,
America's Next Top out!


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