Sunday, December 14

I actually took the kids out by myself today to a local event. I usually do not do this unless we are with friends. We went to the Christmas for Kids at City Market. City Market is a few blocks of art shops, restaurants, & other crafty/candy shops. It is closed off to traffic. It's a nice little area downtown. But it was so cold! Poor Baby A just sat in the stroller the whole time we were down there. *k* got to make 2 ornaments (one plastic,one wooden), a cookie, pet a bunny, & see Father Christmas. We had a good time. I wish it wasn't so cold though. After that we got some lunch and then we headed to the mall to do Santa pictures and try to find *k* a coat. No luck in the coat department, but the pictures are cute. I'll have scan them and post them later. I wish Baby A would have smiled, but it would be a small miracle if BOTH kids were smiling. At least they are both looking at the camera and not screaming/crying.

After that I took *k* to play. Then we headed home, and baby A JUST woke up from his 2+ hour nap. Bedtime will NOT be fun, esp since it's supposed to be NOW! lol. He's not been feeling well lately, he had a fever last night, and it broke sometime during the early morning. He has at least one tooth, two i think, coming in, so I'm pretty sure that's the problem.

I can not believe my baby is going to be ONE on Tuesday. I am completely baffled at how quickly the time flew by. I don't want my baby to turn one :-(

He's doing better with walking, attempting it more, though crawling is still his main mode of transportation, well actually he prefers my hip.

Anyway, not much else going on around here. Just preparing to head to New Orleans next week. I'm excited about it, but dreading the drive. *A* is not the super car traveler that *k* was at his age.

Off now to try and figure out how to get my kids back to bed so i can do my statistics homework...ugh

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