Friday, November 14

I never know what to write. I love reading others blogs. I just don't know what to say :-)

Sunday was nice. We went to Sunday School & church with the L family. K absolutely loved Sunday School and was so excited to tell me what she learned about. Baby A was good, and the ladies who watched him in nursery fell in love with my little man. That's not hard to do!

I liked how what we talked about in Sunday School and what the preacher talked about fit into life. We talked about not repaying evil with evil and rejoicing with others, specifically when you do not want to. I like the church and am planning on continuing to go. I only wish that Matt was open enough to the idea of going with me once he returns. I get that it might not be his thing, but I would like him to compromise with me and go at least one time. We'll see...

This has been a rough week for our home. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights Baby A was very restless and kept us (K & I) up for part of the night (well, early morning really). Turns out that he has his first ear infection :-( K slept late Tuesday, so she didn't make it to school. We did enjoy a nice day together though.

Tuesday night we went to Prayer group. No-one else showed up, so it was only me & A. It went nicely, and it was my second time praying aloud in front of another person. It went easier this time than last (which was last Thursday). I've learned how to just let go and not think about what I am going to say. It's been refreshing and freeing.

After Prayer Group, the kids & I went to a Pampered Chef party. It was fun. I got to meet some new ladies and eat some yummy food. I ended up buying (this evening) a bamboo bowl, bamboo cooking utensils & bamboo serving utensils. They are pretty cool and weren't expensive. I can't wait to get them!

Wednesday I went to Bible/Book study at A's. We are reading "Finishing Strong" by Steve Farrar. The book was written for fathers, but can be applied to any one's life. I'm finding it very enjoyable & educational.

From Barnes & Noble's website:
Bestselling author Steve Farrar has good news for the average man: it doesn't matter if you've had a great start in the Christian life, or a rough one. It doesn't matter if you've stumbled time and again, or even fallen flat on your face. What matters most in this all-important race of life is how you finish. According to Farrar, the man who hangs in there for the long haul with his wife, his kids, and his Lord is an exception these days. Finishing Strong, now in trade paperback, offers lively use of Scripture, contemporary illustrations, and study questions to equip every reader to be that exception. For the man who wants to climb the character ladder more than the corporate one, this is an essential tool.

I've only read the first 2.5 chapters but would definitely recommend it to anyone.

We discussed the first two chapters. Well, I mostly listened as the leader talked & A referenced things from her life. I'm looking forward to next week. I need to finish chapter 3 & move on to the next part of the book.

Then, Wednesday night, we all went to church. Baby A to the nursery & K to children choir (though she says they didn't sing). She then went to Mission Friends, where the kids help do things for missions. A & I went up to the Youth Church & prayed with some older women. It was nice. K was talking about how thankful she was for certain things on the ride home. It was cute. She was thankful for America and our Flag, Grandma & Papa, Daddy, her toys, etc. Very sweet.

Thursday Baby A was screaming upset while dropping K off at preschool. So I decided to take him in to the DR. Verdict: Ear Infection. But I caught it early, so he's doing fine. He slept much better last night and has some good naps today. We got some groceries and headed home after preschool & the Dr.

Today I had a coffee meeting with some other key callers of E Co. I met a nice new wife and the kids got to play in the area at the mall. It was nice to talk to the wives and let the kids play. We left when Baby A started getting cranky for his nap. He was soo good. I can't believe he is going to be 11 months in 2 days!! WOW! He's always disliked Tylenol, and he never had to take it much. Well, he was prescribed an antibiotic for his ear infection, and you'd think I was feeding him poision! I've tried three ways so far to give it to him. In the morning, I am going to try to put it in his yogurt. K always took (and liked a little too much) her medicine, so this strong will against the meds is new to me. Ah well, we'll get past it.

Tomorrow, if the kids are feeling OK, we are goign to head to the park for the local book festival. I also have laundry & homework to get done.

Matt is doing well. I haven't heard from him today though :-( I've talked with him most everyday since he's been gone, so I guess I shouldn't complain!

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