Monday, October 13

Motherhood & Poop

Ok, so I think I *finally* got initiated into the elite group of Mothers today. I've always deemed myself lucky to have NEVER gone through this with Princess K. I was doing pretty well too....until this morning....

I changed Babyzilla's morning diaper. I left him in the living room to air out while I went to get some baby butt cream. Well what do I come back to find? Go on, guess....

Yep, a baby sitting and playing in his own poop!! EWWWWW..... It could have been worse. He wasn't eating it. It was just all over his legs, the floor around him & on his hands. I'm pretty sure if I had waited .2 more seconds it would have made it into his mouth.

I always felt sympathy for those moms who walked in to find the crib & baby covered in poop, or the toddler who paints the walls with his/her own messy diaper. Now I know....

Like I said, it could have been worse. I'm probably jinxing myself, but at least I'm a real mom now!! lol

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