Tuesday, August 26

Princess K & her brother

Today Princess K has been her usual playful self. She decided to dress up like a Princess/Fairy and tell me & Baby A a story. She had a tree from one of her play sets and asked us to sit and listen. We first had to do some weird movements and then she began acting out her story about this little tree.

Princess K & Her Tree

The tree was on the beach and needed to get to the forest, cause duh! that's where trees belong. So first the rescuer (K) brought the tree to the desert, but the tree said "It's too hot here, I need to be in the forest." So the tree was brought to the jungle, well that was not good enough either. Finally the tree ended up in the forest and was happy.

Such a creative story for a little girl. She is so imaginative and loves to play make-believe. Reminds me of when I was younger. She is also into computer games & video games (age appropriate of course). Reminds me of Matt :-)

Lately, she has been including her brother in her playing. He's usually some type of animal or, more commonly, the "snow monster." I'm not sure how he landed that role. He loves his sister so much, that is very obvious. He follows her to her room, smiles whenever he hears her voice or sees her walk by. I see this happen everyday and am so glad that we decided to bless K with a sibling. I know eventually they will be great playmates, then hate each other, and inevitably complain to each other about their uncool parents. For the record, no, my sister & I never do this, our parents are super cool (finally). :-p

I look forward to when they can play together. Maybe then I'll get to take an uninterrupted shower! Until then, I'm enjoying my time with them.


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